Olympics live streaming

Olympics Live Streaming – An Alternative to Watch Olympics Online

Why do you need to get Olympics live streaming?  We all know that the TV channels are going to broadcast the coming London Olympics, if you are a sports fanatic, the only thing you need to do to enjoy the games is to grab some snacks, sit in the couch and watch TV.  This is true for some most people but not all.  Some people don’t actually have a TV at home, or could not watch TV (e.g. working in the office while the games are on-going).  For students, it may be even more convenient to watch 2012 Olympics online on PC because they have no exclusive use of TV.

For all these people, Olympics live streaming on the internet seems to be the best (and probably only choice).  Unfortunately the official Olympics web site does not offer Olympics live video streaming.  Some local TV channels may offer Olympics live online streaming but usually geo-restricted (e.g. people living in Los Angeles cannot access to a Manchester TV station’s Olympics live streaming web site).


Olympics Live Streaming – Considerations

This is where live streaming software fills the gap.  There are a lot of applications that provide Olympics live video streaming.  You can easily find lots of these applications if you search for relevant keywords in Google.  However, not all applications could meet your requirements.  If you are looking for such software, I suggest you check for these requirements:

(1) Charge: Some software charge monthly fee.  I do not recommend this kind of software since the ultimate goal of watching Olympics online is to save money.  If you need to pay monthly fee for watching TV online, while don’t you simply subscribe to paid cable networks?  There are even applications

(2) Trial period: Nowadays there are so many choices out there, the only way to find out the best software of a kind is to try before you buy.  However, not all software have a free trial period.  Alternatively, you should buy software that offer a money-back guarantee so that if unfortunately you don’t like it you can ask for an unconditional refund.  There are quite a few applications for Olympics live streaming that have 30- or 60-day money back guarantee.

(3) Easy installation: Remember we are only ordinary computer users who want to find Olympics live streaming, we are not hackers or computing geeks, so the software must be installed easily.  There shouldn’t be hardware installation or difficult software setting.  A software with quick and simple installation is preferred.

(4) Number of channels: Although we are sports fanatics would love to watch Olympics online, we would also like to watch other TV channels such as news, movies and entertainment.  Usually these live streaming software provide thousands of worldwide TV channels.  Certainly the more they offer the better they are.  Normally you can find applications with 3000+ channels so don’t settle for less.

Olympics live streaming


Olympics Live Streaming – Conclusion

The above are my advises to anyone who is looking for Olympics live streaming sources.  I tested a few applications and found a few good ones that you may consider.  I recommend the following two applications.  Follow the links to find out more about their features:


>> Recommended Software 1 <<


>> Recommended Software 2 <<


Watch the Olympics Online

Watch the Olympics Online – The Best Method

If you are a sports fan like me, you probably are waiting to watch the London Olympics.  Many people are lucky enough to be able to watch the games on TV.  However, some people may be unable to do so for various reasons such as living in places with time zone difference, having no sports cable network subscription or living in dorm with shared TV room (a.k.a. no TV freedom).  If unluckily you are among these people, you may want to watch the Olympics online.

Watch the Olympics Online, How?

In fact, to watch the Olympics online is not really impossible.  What you need are (1) a reliable source, (2) a computer with a software to watch the games and (3) snacks and drinks!

Among various options available, I recommend Satellite Direct, a cross-platform software that turns your computer into a TV.  I like it for a few reasons:

Simple, Fast and Easy: This software could be installed in 2 minutes.  Besides, no hardware installation is required.  There is basically no technical requirements to use it.  It works even on an old computer, and your granny can install and use it without a problem!

No Monthly Fee: I’m a student living in the dorm, so I consider price a critical factor.  This software does not charge monthly fee.  So I don’t have to pay month after month for watching TV on my computer.

3500+ channels: This software includes 3500+ worldwide channels, certainly including the most popular sports channels.  So this software is good not only for you to watch the Olympics online, it’s also good for watching movie, drama, news and entertainment channels etc.

Mac/Windows Compatible: If you are a Mac use like me, you’d love to hear this: this software runs on Mac!  Most TV programs nowadays are Windows but this one is good enough to have a Mac version too.

Watch the Olympics Online

This is software may not be a perfect one for watching TV on the computer but it certainly is a great choice for you to watch the Olympics online.  If you are looking for convenient, affordable and quality way to watch the London Olympics and other sports events online, this is a software you must try.  I am a happy user and I believe you would be too.


This is the software you should try: >> Click Here <<


Watch 2012 Olympics Online

Is There Really A Way to Watch 2012 Olympics Online?

London Olympics 2012 is coming, almost my sports friends are expecting to watch this major sports event.  However, not everyone is able to enjoy the Olympics on TV due to various reasons.  Some of us live in different time zones so the shows are aired during office hours.  Some people may be unable to afford the monthly subscription of cable networks.  Some of us simply do not have a convenient way to watch TV (e.g. living in shared dorm)… I am one of those people.  Is there really a way to watch 2012 Olympics online?  This is perhaps the most frequently asked question in these few weeks.


Watch 2012 Olympics Online – Methods I Tried

I want to let you know that there isn’t an easy way to do so.  I tried to search for web sites that repeat the signal of commercial sports networks.  Most of these web sites do not work, some may work for awhile before the cable networks file complains to the hosting companies and ask for shutting down the web sites (see this example: http://ioslivetv.com/, the TV streaming site closed just one week after launch).

There are some legit live TV web sites but they either lack sports channels or charge an unreasonably high monthly price and requires a minimum subscription period.  As a student I don’t feel comfortable paying that money month after month merely for watching 2012 Olympics online once every four years.

Some people suggest going directly to the official website of London Olympics.  However, as far as I know that site does not have live coverage but recorded footage only.

Slingbox (www.slingbox.com) is an option to consider but I need to know somebody who has cable network subscription and broadband internet.  If you do not know what Slingbox is, it is a TV box which converts TV signals to digital data.  With a computer or tablet, you can receive the digital signal and watch TV live.  However, it does not provide the content, you need to have cable TV at home.  Slingbox simply converts and forwards the signal to you.


Watch 2012 Olympics Online – The Perfect Solution

After endless searches and tests, I almost gave up on the idea of watching 2012 Olympics online.  I convinced myself that there is no easy way to do so.  Until last week, when my roommate showed me a software that his nephew recommended to him.  It’s a computer software that legitimately provides access to live TV right on your computer.

Watch 2012 Olympics Online

This software has a wide collection of 3500+ worldwide TV channels of news, sports, movies, TV shows, business, entertainment…  the image and sound quality is great.  It does not require hardware installation and it works on both Windows and Mac.  What’s more, the installation is extremely easy that takes no more than 2 minutes.  The best of all, it charges one-time fee only, which means that you do not need to pay each and every month!

Now even before the Olympics, I always stay in front of my computer to watch TV, thanks to this software.  I have a wide variety of TV programs to choose from, with absolutely no monthly fee to pay.  Watching soaps in late night or movie channels on Sunday, it’s all up to me.  And of course I’ll enjoy the 2012 Olympics right on my computer!  I think the software pays for itself even for watching 2012 Olympics online only.  It’s a simple, convenient and cheap solution to all TV needs.


Here is the software I recommend: >> Click Here <<